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Our Two Flagship Programs

The Happiness Program

In this course you will learn to master several practical and powerful tools that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Graduates can also attend weekly follow up sessions.

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Sahaj Samadhi Meditation

Meditation has been prescribed throughout the ages for developing a centered, creative, calm, and peaceful mind. Modern research is showing amazing health benefits too.

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The Art of Living Foundation Los Angeles offers two flagship courses, Happiness Program and Art of Meditation.

The Happiness Program combines breathing techniques, meditation, knowledge about the mind and how to manage negativity, as well as other interactive processes with ease and success in a stressful world. This course features Sudarshan Kriya™, a breathing technique that uses specific rhythms of breath to detoxify every cell of the body and infuse it with energy.

The Art of Meditation in Los Angeles, or Sahaj Samdhi, teaches you the basics of meditation. Sahaj is a Sanskrit word that means natural or effortless. Samadhi is a deep, blissful, meditative state. Sahaj Samadhi meditation is a natural, effortless system of meditation.

During these meditation classes in Los Angeles, the participant is taught to use a simple sound mentally which allows the mind to settle down and go within. When the mind and nervous system are allowed to repose a few moments in the profound silence, the blocks that clog the system and our progress gradually dissolve.

The Art of Living Foundation in Los Angeles offers two additional courses for graduates of the Happiness program: The Art of Silence, and weekly follow ups of Long Kriya in Los Angeles. The Art of Silence offers yoga classes in Los Angeles, Los Angeles meditation, as well as two to three days of guided silence practice, in addition to advanced breathing techniques, which can also be practiced at home after the course.

Follow up weekly Long Kriya courses in Los Angeles are offered for course graduates, as well. The follow-up sessions allow participants to practice the techniques learned in a group setting and under the supervision of a teacher. The group practice reinforces everything that has been taught in the course. These sessions are free of charge. If you are interested in learning more about the Art of Living course and the programs offered in Los Angeles click here. The classes are offered every Tuesday at the Los Angeles center, as well as at different locations throughout the city.

Art of Living Course Los Angeles

We are happy to announce weekly satsangs (follow ups) twice a week at our new Art of Living Center:

Follow-up (Long Kriya)

Every Sunday at 9am*
Every Tuesday at 7:30pm**

Location: Art of Living Center in Los Angeles
2636 South Hoover Street (in the “Reading Room” building behind the main building)
Los Angeles CA 90007

There is off street parking for 40 cars behind the building, enter from the alley on S. Hoover St. (South of Adams Blvd.)

* The Maha or Great Satsang (Follow Up) occurs on the first Sunday of every month. It’s an opportunity for the Los Angeles Art of Living community to participate in an extended follow up session, meet members from other areas, and share a meal afterwards. Please bring a vegetarian dish (no eggs), beverage, or dessert to share.

** The Tuesday evening follow up session is open to all but geared especially for those who have just completed their course and would like to jump-start their practice and/or those who have not practiced for a while and would like to refresh their routine.)

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Introductory Programs

Art of Living Course (18+ yrs)
Children (8-13 yrs)
Teens (14-17 yrs)
Yes + (18-30 yrs)
Sri Sri Yoga
Art of Meditation

Graduate Programs

Art of Silence
Wisdom Series

Learn about

What is Yoga?
What is Meditation?
What is Sudarshan Kriya?

948 West Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90007.
(310) 820-9429